This is my personal list of bookmarks.

(Hacker) News

Cheat Sheets


  • An open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API
  • Rust Standard Library Rusts standard library documentation
  • tl;dr Legal Software licenses explained in plain english
  • Computer science field guide An interactive online resource—not for graduates—but more aimed towards high school students
  • visualgo Animated algorithms and data structures, Yay!
  • hckrnews An alternative hacker news interface where you can waste your time.
  • GalaxySQL An unusual SQL tutorial which is quite entertaining unlinke most SQL books/courses, they are boring as hell.
  • Rusts interactive playpen.
  • Gos playground.
  • An interactive OCaml tutorial. Note to myself: Learn OCaml sometime.
  • An online disassembler that supports a wide variety of architectures and allows to upload binaries with sizes up to 256kB.



Math and CS

  • Desmos A graphical online calculator. Regarding this as calculator is a bit too much understatement. This is really great to make interactive function plots
  • wolframalpha The online version of Wolfram Mathematica, a computational knowledge engine (did someone say singularity?)
  • Tricki A map of techniques for mathematical problem solving
  • Numerical Tours in Python This website provides a collection of IPython Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate and explain certain methods with a focus on signal and image processing with wavelets.
  • MIT calculus introduction course that comes with 671 page thick textbook.
  • Advanced Data Structures course at MIT teached by Erik Demaine.


  • Earlevel Engineering A very well written blog about basic and sometimes more advanced DSP concept with practical audio applications in mind
  • MicroModeler DSP A full-blown online filter designer
  • DSP Guide A good resource to get an overview over a lot of DSP concept but lacks a bit of detail in some places
  • Julius Orion Smith III (what a name). A lot of material about musical and audio signal processing.
  • Here meets the german DIY loudspeaker community. The DIY speaker gallery is always worth a look
  • Maybe the largest online resource for DIY audio enthusiasts (except software)
  • BBC Radio 6 Why can’t we have such a great radio channel in Germany? DRadio is nice, but come on, it’s way to conservative.
  • Cookbook Formulae for biquad filter coefficients.


  • fefes blog Opinions about his blog differ sharply but for me it’s a quite entertaining read. This is only for people with a stable opinion and you should always double check his posts
  • Germanys top-blog about nerd culture
  • createdigitalmusic A blog about the latest trends and gadgets in the audio production area
  • matrixsynth Audio gear porn at it’s finest. This is a really great resource for procrastinating


  • alternativlos A podcast about politics, tech and conspiracy theories (not the usual illuminati crap, more like reasonable theories).
  • Mad Slabs My alltime favorite music podcast. No comments nor moderation only 2+ hours of fresh new music. The played genres represent my own personal taste quite good because they’re pretty diverse and range from ambient/drone or classical to breakcore or distorted german techno tunes.
  • the bike shed A podcast about development related topics.
  • methodisch inkorrekt Two german scientists discuss current topics in science and research or talk about the daily routine in general.

This and That (non computer stuff)


  • ztype An online top-scroller where you must type to shoot.