Fix Buzzing Sound in Behringer B2031A Studio Monitor

The new and shiny

Basic Log Analysis for Caddy Using goaccess and SystemD Timers

How to setup goaccess to generate stats from Caddy logs.

My netcup server setup with Arch Linux, Docker and Caddy
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The setup of my netcup vServer that runs Arch Linux, Docker and Caddy.

How to Downgrade any Arch Linux Package

How to downgrade any arch linux package.

32c3 Useful Links

A collection of useful links for the chaos congress.

32c3 Wifi Settings

How to access the 32c3 wireless network

Fix broken internet connection after NetworkManager 1.0.2-1 update

How to fix the broken DNS settings after updating NetworkManager to 1.0.2-1

Persistent Arch Linux installation on an USB flash drive (BIOS)

How to do a persistent Arch Linux installation on a USB flash drive.

Get Go-ing!

My notes to the official golang tour.

Restore GRUB after UEFI upgrade

How to restore a broken GRUB installation after UEFI upgrade.

Run you own Jabber server

How to run your own Jabber server, using prosody.

Restart unresponsive gnome-shell from a terminal

How to restart a frozen gnome-shell from a virtual terminal (tty).

Root access in Cyanogenmod 12

How to enable root access in Cyanogenmod 12.

Installing Cyanogenmod 12 (Android L) on HTC One S - Ville

How to install Cyanogenmod 12 (Android L) on HTC One S ville.

Processing 2 in IntelliJ Idea 14

How to setup a processing 2 project in IntelliJ Idea 14.

The first linklist for 2015

The first link list of the new year.

How to enable IPv6 on your Ubuntu droplet

How to enable IPv6 on your Ubuntu 14.04 droplet and how to set it up in nginx.

Groups, Rings and Fields

A short summary about some basic algebraic structures.

Links for cw50

Another weekly link list, this time for calendar week 50. The year is almost over.

Links for cw49

The weekly link list for calendar week 49. goes SSL and SPDY

How I've setup SSL and enabled SPDY in nginx on my digitalocean droplet.

Links for cw48

The weekly link list for calendar week 48.

From Dropbox to Syncthing

Why I switched from Dropbox to Syncthing and how I organized my synchronized folders.

Links for cw47

The weekly link list for calendar week 47.


Shortcuts for DuckDuckGo.

Blog Setup Part 1 - Digitalocean

The configuration of my digitalocean droplet that serves this blog.

UFW and Samba - which ports to enable?

How to open the ports needed by samba for an specific address range in ufw.

Maxima in 5 minutes

Learn how to use the basics of the maxima computer algebra system in 5 minutes.

31c3 preparations

A quick guide how I tried to fill some potential security holes on my laptop to prepare it for the 31st Chaos Communication Congress.

Broken wifi after standby in Arch/Gnome

Hot to fix the wifi connection problem after standby.

No comment

Why I don't want to provide a comment box for this blog.

SSH cipher performance comparision

I've tried to measure the performance of different OpenSSH cipher algorithms using python.